Thursday, March 22, 2007

Clashing of Priorities

My daughter brought home a social studies project to work on yesterday. She has to build a model of a historical village. She's chosen Plymouth Plantation. She has about a week and a half to complete this and can not do it in class.

Two days ago I received my manuscript back from my editor to go through all the edits, which I'd like to get done asap since I have just a month and a few days until Sweet Forever will be released and I KNOW I'll have work to do on that as well.

I also know that my daughter will need help with her model. And help on her other homework. And of course I have to drive all over creation tomorrow to do pick up and drop offs. And grocery shopping. And work.

How does one prioritize all this and fit it all into a specific number of hours and still have time for a decent nights sleep?

At least wrestling is done for the year......


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