Saturday, March 17, 2007

Working Saturdays

Saturday is the one day of the week that I have to put in a full 8+ hours in the office. Generally I don't mind working Saturdays, though I'd rather spend it with the family. At least on Saturdays I'm more or less the boss of the place, its quiet with only about 5 of us in here, and I'm just doing data entry. On my breaks I like to get some writing done. Its a great arrangement!

I sit in a very secluded area of the office, which I love. On occasion, though, my coworker, who generally doesn't work Saturdays, comes into cover for someone else. She sits right next to me. She's a sweetheart, but she chats and chats and chats! During the week thats okay, but when I want to concentrate on writing, its not so great.

Winter has given us another wallop. There has to be well over a foot of snow out there. What the....? I want spring to be here. I want that 70 degree weather we had the other day back and back for good.

guess I better move south.


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