Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lovely Rita

Yet another monster is in the Gulf. Sounds like no one is taking chances with this one. I'm sure there'll be some who'll try to ride it out, but I've been watching as those unable to leave on their own are being loaded on buses (psst Nagin and Blanco... watch and learn.... this is the way you should've done it). My heart goes out especially for those who are still at the Astrodome.

AND ITS THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!! My absolute favorite time of the year. I've been noticing the subtle changes in the leaves, but the weather is still really warm.

oh, and the Red Sox just fell out of first place. dern.

Friday, September 02, 2005

This isn't America

It can't be. I just can't imagine the things I've seen over the past 4 days, the things I've heard, happening here, in the United States.

I don't even know where to begin!! I guess I just have to wonder.. WHAT IS WITH PEOPLE??? With all the horror down there that is just from Katrina and the levees breaking WHY IS THERE THE ADDED ELEMENT OF HUMAN SCUM RAPING AND MURDERING AND HINDERING THE RELIEF EFFORTS?!?!!? Why are they shooting at the people trying to rescue them? Why steal tvs and dvd players and stuff they have no need for? What happens when they go to get on a bus that will take them out of the city, are they going to ask for a seat for their stolen merchandise? Clothes, food, water, bandages I can understand, but the rest... no way!

I sat in my office today getting madder and madder. I think I'm the only one in the bunch who voted for Bush. I had to listen to people placing the blame for EVERYTHING thats happened at Bush's feet. Okay, yes I agree that he should be held accountable for some of the failings in the whole relief effort but if we're going to point fingers and toss blame around how bout starting at the local and state levels. Why werent THEY prepared for this? They had days to get ready. N.O is a pretty big city, I bet they have LOTS of buses. Why weren't they evacuating the people who couldn't get out on their own? the ones who wanted to leave? Why weren't they prepared by having enough water and food to last for days at the Superdome and other places. Where were the cops who should've been protecting (oh, yeh, the cops were quitting). The relief efforts should've begun before Katrina hit on a local and state level, not a federal level. I hear on Sunday, while in Crawford, Bush was already meeting with people, declaring a state of emergency in the Gulf area, starting the ball rolling. Okay, so the ball didn't roll so well. But they weren't expecting the levee to break at that time. I'm sure they weren't ready for the lawlessness in the city either. I mean, what kind of idiots shoot at the very people who want to save their sorry arses?

Its heartbreaking, the images over the past several days. I wish there was something I could do. I can donate money and I'm sure that will be welcome, but I wish I could go down there and serve food, do something. My brother in law is headed down with his Natl Guard unit and my sister says she may be heading down as well. I'm so proud of them. But I'm scared for them too.

I'm trying not to be mad. What good is it going to do me to get pissed at the words flying around the office. I just wish these people, who I normally like very much, would stop and look at the big picture instead of finding away to pin everything on Bush from global warming to acne.