Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy 2006

Okay, so its nearly the end of February, but its been eons since I've written here that I thought I'd greet it with a Happy 2006.

So, what have I been up to since writing last. I finished Nano challenge with just over 50k words. It was quite nice to accomplish that and with a wip that I'm pretty psyched about to boot. I still have to finish it but its on the back burner right now. I started another wip (such is me) but thats waiting for me too. I subbed Sweet Forever to Samhain Publishing and got a reply that the editor really liked it and if I did some revisions she'd like to see it again. So thats what I'm doing now, trying to tie up some loose ends and tweek things up a bit. I'm quite pleased to get such a good response.

I'm still waiting to get word back from Whiskey Creek on "Finally Home" which they requested months and months ago. I've been told to be a little patient with them. Okay fine. Its better than being told no right away I guess.

Its been a pretty strange winter, warmer than usual and not a heck of a lot of snow. I think we've had 2 storms that have produced enough snow to use the snow blower on. We've had temps in the 60s in January. Just plain weird. NH Special Olympics even canceled the statewide winter games because there wasn't enough snow (or should I say there was NO snow for the x-country skiiers and snow shoers). It was too bad. Paige loves going up there.

Alright, time to face my editing. Must get it done so I can send it back to Samhain while the editor still remembers it.