Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mother's must be patient

I love my daughter with all my heart. She's a creative, sweet and caring child and very enthusiastic about things going on. Sometimes too enthusiastic. She loves singing. Recently she's learned a song called "Fifty Nifty United States". Since yesterday around 5:30pm I've been seranaded by her. She's practicing the song so she can sing it at Thanksgiving. Oh my. She sang it until bedtime and as soon as she woke up this morning she started singing it.

Oy. Its very distracting. Can't get any writing done when she's performing for me. But I don't want to discourage her.

So, I have mucho writing to do. Well, editing actually. I still have to add about 37 more pages. Slowly chipping away at it, but I want to be able to send out a query for it by the end of the year. Not much time for that.

Its a chilly November morning. Frost everywhere. The car is covered and won't be gone for a few hours. Its great incentive to walk to work. Quicker to walk than to scrape the car off and drive.

Well, time to hit the dishes then get ready for work. Joy of Joys.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

What a dream

Had a very strange and disturbing dream last night. I'd woken up and heard the sound of gunfire. Looking out the window (my neighborhood was set up differently and much larger) and saw a large tank going down the street firing on buildings. After a while of trying to lay low with the kids and try to figure out who was out there and why, we got a knock on the door. They were soldiers. They looked Russian, but they were really Middle Eastern and had taken over the town and were looking for able bodied men to "recruit". They took Jim and anything from the house they thought they'd need, leaving me to take care of the kids. The weird thing is that when I was hugging them goodbye he looked like he was about 80 years old.

After they'd gone I went in search of food, and when I got back there were more knocks on the door. The soldiers were back and in the tank was a guy I went to school with, in uniform. Apparently he was pointing out the people the army could take and use. I begged them not to take me because they'd taken Jim and I needed to take care of my children. I woke up before I found out if they would've taken me anyway.

It was just not a pleasant dream. Kind of reminded of the movie "Red Dawn".

So, what in the world does it mean??

Friday, November 12, 2004


Well, its been long enough since I posted. I guess life gets in the way sometimes.

Been feeling very blah lately, but it comes with the season. We may get our first storm today, I heard maybe 4 inches of s-s-snow.... hell, I can hardly even say the word! Its way too early for something like this. Oh the joys of New Hampshire.

I've set some goals for myself, trying to motivate myself to get some writing done. A friend emailed me an article about Nora Roberts, one of my most favorite authors. She made 60 million dollars in one year with her books! It took her nearly 12 tries before her first book sold. Gives someone like me hope, not that I'm anywhere nearly as talented, but ya never know. I just have to get myself going and make these things happen for me. I don't need 60 million dollars, but heck, 100,000 a year would be very nice!

So, these are my goals. I want them done by December 31, 2004:

1) Finish editing Sweet Forever, coming up with at least 44 more pages so its something I can submit to Silhouette Desire line. Also write a synopsis and query letter.

2) Send off 2 short stories to True Love or True Romance or True Something (one is already in the envelope awaiting postage).

3) Send off at least 1 more story to Woman's World (is in envelope awaiting postage)

4) Send off Ride Away Home to Harlequin. Again, already to go, just need to change date on query letter and get postage.

It seems like these goals are very reachable. Just have to put my mind to it, especially with Sweet Forever. At least that one is done, just needs the extra pages to make it to Desire length.

Other things I'd like to do is either work on Going Going Gone and/or The Storm Within trilogy. So its not like I have nothing to do. What sucks is that I have another story idea I'd like to sketch out before it leaves me, but I hate having too much going on at once and I should concentrate on the ones I've already got going.

Okay, nearly time to get ready for work. Joy of joys.