Monday, April 30, 2007


I've been building a new blog, trying to leave this one behind. I may still post here, but my main blog, especially for my writing is here

Thanks for visiting me!

Friday, April 27, 2007

All The Little Details

I’ve been working on what was supposed to be an 8K word short story. Currently I’m up to just a tad over 14k and still going strong. Currently I’m aiming for 25K. I realized, though, that since I started this story sometime around Halloween, I’ve forgotten important aspects of the story, like the name of the town they live in and even the color of my hero and heroine’s eyes.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do when writing, or planning a story, was to get a three ring binder and fill it with all the important details, pictures of my characters (quite often I use models for my characters, generally actors, sometimes models). At times I do this and keep the info in files on my computer, but I’m really wanting to do this in a binder this time. Anyone else do this? How do other writers keep track of this information and keep it within easy reach? Quite often I work on three different computers and while I have a “memory stick” I don’t always have it with me.

I was just curious to find out the methods of my fellow authors to keep track of all the little details.

Its still cold and rainy here in NH. The kids have been on vacation this week, and have been going stir crazy, not really getting out until I’m home from work. And my husband has pneumonia so its been a tough week.
Next week will be better. I hope.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sweet Forever Update

Well, Sweet Forever is now available for purchase! Samhain has been working out the bugs. Its still not listed at the regular site, but it can be found here. I’m very relieved!

I’ve also been poking around my files again, looking for my next big project. So many to chose from. I know, I know, I go through this way too much. Find something and stick with it. But I’m so fickle. I’m back to wanting to do something different, something that isn’t category romance.

But first things first. That Kind of Magic needs to be finished!

Progress over at Samhain

Samhain Publishing is getting there. They’ve been working with the bookstore to get yesterday’s releases (I’m not the only one who’s book was supposed to be released yesterday) up and running. Currently, Sweet Forever is linked to the bookstore, but when you click on the link it says product not found. I’m really hoping it’ll be fixed this morning.

Thanks to everyone who’s been giving me a shout out on their blog. You don’t know how much I appreciate it!!!!

The good news is that I was able to finish the galley proofreading of Finally Home last night and get everything emailed back to my editors. Now I can concentrate on other things, like continuing work on That Kind Of Magic, editing some short stories to post on my website and promoting Sweet Forever. I can see how this could be a full time job!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It figures

Okay, I guess we have to be patient (gnawing my fingers off) There have been some technical difficulties and Sweet Forever hasn't shown up yet.

Thanks to everyone who's put out the word about Sweet Forever's release. You guys are awesome!!! Hugs to everyone!!!

IT'S THE 24TH!!!!!!

It's finally arrived! April 24th and Sweet Forever will be released today from Samhain Publishing .

I was all set to do some promo work last night to prepare but wouldn't you know it.... the internet went down. Go figure. But I got some other things done. I hope to be done with the galley today then I can dedicate myself to promos and such.

Its an absolutely fabulous day here in New Hampshire and even though its only 6am I have the windows open so we can get some nice morning air in. Could I ask for more?

Enjoy the day and don't forget to check out
Sweet Forever over at Samhain!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

Well, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!!! Sweet Forever is being released by Samhain Publishing! Can I get any more excited? Well, maybe when I sell my first copy, but right now I can’t believe that I’m actually here, ready to be a published author. I used Professional Writer with my friends who quickly corrected me. Author.

I’m still working hard on Finally Home, going over the galley for any boo-boos that slipped past us in all the editing. What a process that is! But seriously, this process has definitely made me a better writer. I’ve seen things I really like and things I really don’t like. I’ve discovered words that I lean on way too much. I always thought I was the Queen of That, but I’ve also found out I’m the Queen of Little as well. And Pleasant too. I’ve made myself a little list of words I need to look for when I’m done with my manuscript BEFORE I submit it anywhere. What an experience this has been. I’m so glad that I’ve gone through it.

The marketing part still is overwhelming to me. There’s so much that I should’ve already done and so much that I intend to do (as soon as I finish going through the Finally Home galley). But I’ve never been much of a sales or marketing person, so this is definitely unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory for me. Be patient, I’ll figure it out maybe by the time Where One Road Leads comes out in August.

In the mean time I’m making very good progress with That Kind of Magic (yeah! I found a title!). I hope to have that done by mid summer (if not sooner) and looking for a good home. Then onto something else. Maybe something new, maybe something I’ve got stored away in my files.

The weather in New Hampshire is absolutely glorious! Who’d have thought that a week ago we were being flooded. There are still roads that are closed in the area, but today is going to be nearly 80 degrees and the sun is shining. This is the first day I’ve been able to wear short sleeves and go out without a jacket. God love spring!

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Official!

I'm officially a professional writer! I got my check from Samhain Publishing for Sweet Forever! How exciting is that!!!

What I want to do with it is to set up a real website but I'm very sad to say that I'm forseeing a huge car repair bill coming up soon and, well, I need my car more than I need a real website. I'll just continue to tweak the one I have.

Still, its a pretty wonderful feeling to receive money for something I love to do so much!

I have a gazillion things to do today before I can concentrate on proof reading the galley for Finally Home. Time's a ticking.....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Next Step

Well, now that I've gotten the majority of the edits done, I'm faced with proof reading the galley copy of Finally Home. Wow oh wow! This is becoming more and more real to me. And honestly, it hasn't been an easy road. But I know it'll be well worth it. My baby, Finally Home, which I started at the age of 16, will soon be out in print and I'll be able to hold it in my own hands. How tremendous is that!

Another lesson learned-- I HAVE to get my own website. The freebie I have on Geocities showed me its limitations last night as I was trying to work on it. Its good for now, but I need something I can do whatever I want with.So, as long as the kids are good to me, for the next 2 hours I'm going to be going over my galley with a fine toothed comb. My eyes hurt already!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So, Thats Why

I've discovered today, as I've been working away at making my website a better place, just WHY I need my own webpage, one that isn't free and laden with limitations. It kicked me out. Yes, thats right, I exceeded the data transfer time/limit and it kicked me out.

How rude! I have no idea how long I've been kicked out for. My website is temporarily unavailable. I'm sure this is a clever ploy on their part to get us to upgrade to a paid for site. Which I need to do. Yesterday. I'm being published in less than a week and I really wanted to have a purty website to go along with my book.

So as soon as my next paycheck comes in I'm going to get myself a real website with a real domain name. Then I'll make my husband set it up for me.

It actually was a fairly dry day here in southwestern New Hampshire. My kids have been out of school for the past 3 days. There are several towns in our school district and some of the areas are cut off because of the flooding so no buses can get through. I have it on good authority that school will be open tomorrow. Which is good because the little dears are getting stir crazy and driving me bonkers.

The ironic thing is that they're on April vacation next week.

Go figure.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Water Recedes

Well, last night we got our back yard back. But its still messy out there and roads are still closed in various areas and school is closed again, much to my husband's disdain. We took a walk downtown yesterday and took pictures of the river. There are houses that have the water right up to the foundation. Lots of calls for help because of water in the basement.

But we remained safe and sound. We didn't even lose electricity which is a good thing because I spent almost the entire evening working on my website . I'm considering posting some free reads, short stories that I have in my files. There are still things I need to figure out and improve upon and don't even TALK about this blog. Well, no you can. I wish I was html savvy but there are some things that just aren't meant to be. I've figured out some of the basics, but how the heck do you put all the goodies in the right margin? I never seem to be able to figure it out.

As I was trying to get to sleep last night my mind was writing my latest "short" story which could turn into a novella at least. I have mixed feelings about this. I come up with some great ideas, but lots of it gets lost in translation, when it comes time to put it down on "paper". I should keep my Alphasmart next to my bed to capture all these thoughts. But then that would make going to bed pointless.

Its snowing like crazy here. Will it ever end? Its hard to imagine that by the weekend we'll be in the 60's with sunny weather!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The River Ate My Yard!

Well, I can safely say that I've never seen the river in our back yard this high before, even after the horrible flooding NH had a year and a half or so ago. I currently have no back yard. Luckily there's a good hill that goes from the back yard up to the house and I doubt it'll reach the top of that. Roads are shut down everywhere, my work closed early, my husband couldn't even get to work, and the electricity went out downtown.

Ah spring.

We have another few rainy days ahead of us to boot. Can things get worse? I hope not. But we're prepared.

All my editing is done. I'm very pleased about that. I'm sure I'll have some more work to do but for the moment I can breathe easier. Except for that marketing thing. I have to get going on that. I just don't know where to start!! I'm not a salesperson so this is going to be hard. I should borrow someone from the marketing dept of my company for advice. In the meantime I've got lots of published authors who are giving me tips.

And away I go to check some of those tips off. So, until tomorrow... unless we get swept away during the night.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not so fast....

Just when I thought I could breathe for a moment I got Finally Home back for the final edits which I have to do within 48 hours. My 48 hours is up today.

Luckily I was given a day off from work today and I should have no problem making that deadline.

Then maybe I can breathe for a moment.

I've been looking into hosting space and domain names so I can get me a real grownup like website instead of the Geocities site I have now (you know, the free kind). I just about signed up for one, but I'm in a money pinch right now... my car has been in the garage for over a week and I'm scared about the bill. So I held off and instead want to figure out how to revamp this blog and make it real purty. The problem is that I'm pretty computer illiterate. I needed help just to figure out how to get photos posted here. When it comes to putting links up in the margins, well forget it.

So, the marketing phase will begin very soon. Like tomorrow maybe. And maybe, if this horrible storm we're expecting tomorrow, doesn't knock out electricity, I'll try to get my DH to help me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Really, I'm Not A Slacker

Honestly, I'm not. I've been busy busy busy juggling edits for both Sweet Forever (which is done done done!!!) and Finally Home, which isn't so done, but the first round of edits is finished, so I can breathe a quick sigh of relief before taking a mental look at whats next. I know that I'm going to have lots more work with FH and soon. I can say that its out in June and think thats months and months away, but it really isn't. Its right around the corner.

On my plate is marketing for SF. I have no idea how to even begin. I'm not a good salesperson but I have to come up with something good. A newsletter? My own yahoo group? I have plans on getting a new website. My current site is fine for now, though it needs serious updating. I'm going to bat my eyelashes at my husband and see if he'll do that work for me since he's much better at it.

I'm also looking for my next project. I'm thinking of going with something I've already started....wait, I've discussed this before. Same ole same ole.... I'll think of something. But I need to get something finished and submitted. I don't want to go through a dry spell, but seriously, I do not want to have to deal with two books coming out at once. Thats a bit to stressful, balancing the editing.

Its a sleety snowy yucky day here in New Hampshire. I don't think we're going to get a spring this year. Just sleet, sleet and more sleet. It isn't even pretty.

Off I go to do something that I need to do.. .like look over my manuscripts to find THE perfect one!