Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Plucking Gray Hairs

I've plucked 4 out of my head in the past 2 days. Nasty little things, I'm not ready for them. Guess I need to get out and get some hair dye.

Well, I didn't get any writing done yesterday during practice after all. I was busy talking to the coach's wife. But I got some done, so the day wasn't a total waste-unlike today which is filled with errands and other headaches.

So, one of the stories that I have to work on is called Going Going Gone. The jist is that Isobel Fiore, who was once an overweight wall flower is returning to her hometown a confident and curvy woman who has built herself a successful clothing design company. While home she attends the town's annual charity fireman auction, which 'sells' bachelor firemen to the highest bidder. No one recognizes Isobel and she decides to 'pretend' she's a friend from out of town. When one of the fireman comes up for bidding she recognizes him as one of the golden boys of her high school days, someone who didn't know she existed. Feeling rather bold, Isobel bids on him, intending to put him to hard manual labor fixing up her mother's house, and thinks that maybe a little payback is in order. She flirts with him and he's definitely interested. Problem is that she starts to fall for him, and he starts falling too. She has to decide whether to tell him who she really is, and when Eli finds out he wonders if he can forgive her and let himself love her.

Or something like that.

Hey, its a work in progress.

Time to high tail it out of here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A New Week

And I promise to do a new blog entry every day. Or at least I'll try.

So, the writing front. Last Monday as I was watching (and cringing at times) my son's wrestling practice I got an idea for a short story. Luckily I had a scrap of paper that I could write on. As soon as I started one of the coach's daughters came up to me. Think Little Cindy Lou Who and you'll get the idea of this little girl.

"What are you writing?"

Um, a letter...... (I'm horrible)



"My brother is thirsty." (the previous week I gave her a dollar for a drink, now she'll be asking me every week).

So, I didn't get much done, but the seed is firmly planted and tonite I plan on bringing a pad of paper instead of just a sheet of paper. Maybe I'll be left alone, but my hopes aren't high.

I haven't been doing a great deal of writing, but making some progress on one of my stories. In the meantime I've been working with a cover artist for "Sweet Forever". I was spoiled by my fantabulous WCP cover artist, so this is a bit harder, but we're working it out and I think I'll be satisfied with the end results.

So, though I have things to do this evening I'll try to get more done on my goddess story, as long as I'm not seduced by Going Going Gone. But if I am, is that such a bad thing??

Monday, January 22, 2007

Nothing New

I've been going over some of the wips that I have going and they're doing absolutely nothing for me. I guess thats why I put them aside in the first place. The problem is that I can't seem to come up with any new and wonderful ideas for a different wip. I feel dried up. I know thats not true and I'll think of something, but for the moment I'm empty.

So, now what? How does one come up with something fresh?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Good Romance Is Hard To Find

I mean one of those romances that make you want cry, that make your heart really go pitty pat and make your toes curl. I just got done watching one of my all time favorite toe-curlers, Pride and Prejudice-the Keira Knightly version. I love the Colin Firth version, but I can only watch that when I have an entire day or two at my disposal. The newer version is just as good and I gotta say, the actor who plays Mr Darcy is just.... well.... I want him. Well, maybe not HIM, but Mr Darcy.

Movies like that are wonderful inspiration to write. I think my muse is still floating on cloud nine right now. But as much as its an inspiration I have to wonder how in the world can I match that chemistry? Its certainly a marvelously high goal to aim for.

So, as soon as I can get myself settled for the evening, I'm going to whip out a wip and see if I can work some magic between my hero and heroine.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Muse Came Home

Finally! I think its because the pressure here at work is finally lifting a bit. Over the holidays we had a regime change on the local level. It should be for the better though I was sad to see the old fearless leader go, I like the new fearless leader. And we're starting to catch up with the work load, there's no more overtime and I don't have to bring work home with me anymore. My afternoons are freeeee!

So, I was making my goals for 2007. On the top of the list (at least until I have to face editing of Sweet Forever) was to finish my Branwen story. No biggie, its not going to be a full length unless it wants to be. But as soon as I had that figured out A BOLT OF CREATIVE LIGHTNING HIT ME IN THE FOREHEAD I think it was my muse coming back from her Christmas break. I have a time travel that I put on the "shelf" just before Nano. It was on my list of "TTD" this year, but nooooo, muse wouldn't have that. Oh no. After I cleaned the scorch mark off my forehead I thought about my new idea. I had written a promptlet that really really liked but really really didn't fit into the scheme of contemporary romance. Think more of along the lines of everyone is dropping dead of some horrid sickness. Yeh, really romantic. Well, I've figured out that I can use that in my time travel. My fingers are just itching to get to the file where that prompt is so I can write it in to my story.

But what the heck..... why does my muse have to come in and just rearrange all my plans?? Just like my husband and kids.

I'm just glad she's back though. I was getting askeered.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

This is a Test....

Because apparently my blog is offline.

Thats just not acceptable.